Bing File: Wolf Rag Cutter, Recycling Old Clothes for Rags in Australia

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The "Best" Ragcutter by Megatech



Megatech's Ragcutter Machine is a simple portable unit that you simply plug in to the power on your bench or table top and start cutting up those old clothes and material into cleaning rags etc.

 A brilliant cutting machine made to really last - extremely economical.

It sits 310mm high x 250mm wide x 350mm deep - yes that's only 12" high by 10" x 14" depth!


Supplied with a Diamond Sharpener to keep the HSS Blade super sharp all the time - you just sharpen it while it is running.


Super robust and reliable - virtually nothing to break down - so it works long hours giving you maximum output.


Available as 110/220V dual voltage.


12 month Warranty.


Spare blades and sharpeners readily available, although you should get a couple of years or more out of a blade with normal use.


Save your poor hands, throw away scissors and knives and do it the fast easy way, the "Best" way with a Megatech Ragcutting Machine!


Very Safe for all to use - slot is 7mm wide so fingers wont fit in, has CE certification.


In use by most charities especially as it is so safe - portability means it is easy for outworkers to use it at home in their own time.


Used by hotels, laundries, recyclers, charities, painters, mechanics, oil industry, corrections, defence, water supply, sewerage and waste departments, pet havens, laboratories, heavy industry, ships chandlers and repairers - the list is endless, we all need cleaning rags /  wipers it seems.


Megatech's Ragcutter Machine is the fastest, safest, simplest, most productive and reliable way to commercially cut wipers and rags, it's extremely economical, eliminates the sore hands while providing employment and making you good profits.

Contact us for a quote with your postcode, country and contact details, price is only indicative.


Hi Graeme,



The Board of Management, Staff and Members would like to sincerely thank you for your timely response to the damaged Rag Cutter that we received due to transport.
Your efficiency in sending us a replacement was much appreciated and we thought it nice to let you know.
Our Ragz program is now in full swing and now with two machines we find that the members are producing twice as much stock which indeed is assisting with keeping up with our orders. We love our RAG CUTTERS!!!!!!


Thanks Again,




— Rebecca, Australia




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