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Best Ragcutters Dog Health Notes


Dogs Ear Drops

175mls Isopropyl Alcohol             (or * 1 tsp Pure Virgin Coconut oil)

1 ½ tsp Borax Powder – shake well

60 mls White Vinegar – shake

5mls Betadine Solution  - shake

Ready to use – 1 -2mls in ear canal & massage.

Dog will do rest – use daily for a week or less

Then on to 1 or even 3 monthly.


I find a jar like this below useful. Remember to secure the lid firmly so the Isopropyl doesn’t evaporate. Dogs larger than Cockers likely need 2x the dose.

Buy a dropper from $2 shop or chemist

Put 1 to 2ml in each ear

I use 1ml odd for 2-3 days running as maintenance 1 – 3 monthly

2ml odd for deafness or infection but very unlikely to get infection

when using this anyway. Try it every day for a week for deafness,

Took 5 days to work for Bailey – my dogs dad when 15yr old.

ALDI sometimes or Bunnings (in cleaning) have Borax.

I keep the jar in a dark place and under 30 degrees, Iodine goes colourless in light anyway (or spraypaint outside of jar first keeps light out).

*some don't agree with the alcohol but it is a drying agent but coconut oil is a substitute I've used but can go into hard white lumps in winter so it might need to be warmed up a little until it goes liquid and can be shaken to mix it before putting in dropper otherwise there’ll be no oil as a substiute for alcohol in your solution.

I suspect the alcohol version is most effective.








The original recipe I saw said to completely fill the ear daily with the solution, massage and leave dog to shake it out.

Trim hair around er entrance and inside of ear flap to promote good ear flow was also recommened

I have never felt the need to do that and find a few mls works for my dogs – perhaps a real severe case may benefit from that so I certainly can’t rule that out.


I never had an ear issue to deal with which may have been due to occasional preventative dosing with thls recipe.


I made  up a coconut oil version to replace the isopropyl alcohol when some folk weren’t happy to use the alcohol, it seems to work very well, it is after all, the broadest spectrum natural antibiotic you’ll find, anti viral, bacterial, fungal and more, that won’t kill the good bacteria as well as being a great food- it may not have the drying effect of alcohol but you don’t see water sticking to oil and it nourishes the body too.


It’s worth keeping it in a warm enough spot to maintain the coconut oil liquid.

Read “Coconut Cures” the book by Bruce Fife and learn all about “the tree of life” it truly is fantastic for our animals and ourselves!

Coconut oil is anotherregulator essential for our bodies just as Natural sea salts are, we need salt for our electrolyte, we run on electricity our body produces and we are never going to function properly when our bodies are forced to use sugar as the electrolyte.

Raw carrots are a natural wormer as are pumpkin seeds when broken up, possibly flea control too I hear.

Never forget the salt that is poisonous in our bodies is Man Made Table salt – all minerals removed, including essential Magnesium, Aluminum slt added to make it free running and just enuf iodine to call it iodised and totally ineffective

Our bodies need natural salt with its 80 to 92 minerals daily.


NEVER feed your animals dry food – kibble check out vet Roger Biduk (his dogs live to 20, cats 26) to discover the horrifying truth, you’ll feel sick and so mad about it when you learn the facts!

Our dogs Naver deserve tko be systematicalky poisoned.




Shoes are preventing our bodies from earthing too, ever since we got plastics and rubber and we moved from barefoot late 1940’s? we have experienced more health issues, we need to go barefoot as much as possible – that’s why getting our hands in the garden is so beneficial…

Roger Biduk Honest, free and a life saver for animals and people

Roger is free on Facebook ,answers same day, he saves people and the animals other vets have given up on and poisoned with their drugs and vaccines!      He will NEVER rip you off,

His dogs live to 20, cats to 26 and he looks after 200+ hospitals in Canada.

Feed your dog 70% meat, 20% offal and 10% bone, 2 x raw eggs a week, sardines twice a week  and some crushed eggshell for calcium then you'll never have to visit Dr whitecoat and  your bank account won't need a transfusion! 

Zero vaccines or yearly visits to make your dog sick and dependent on them.

Dogs get their water from meat , don't feed dry dog food , it is poisonous and has been proven to shorten their lives while  they suffer from all the side effects of it just like all our processed foods.

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