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About Us

Megatech Ragcutter Machines manufacture the "Best" Ragcutter machine on the Gold Coast in Australia.  


No one else but us manufactures this machine – we personally make and market it from scratch. We make it not only to last a long time, but trouble free and super safe.​

  • We’ve been doing this since early 2009, previously being marketed as a ragcutter by Southport Engineering

  • We developed it further and ensured customers got the best service and materials, attempting to answer emails within hours night and day.

  • We pride ourselves on getting the machine out to our customers the same day we receive payment or the following day at worst.

  • We’ve even delivered into USA in six days with a weekend in the middle of that.

  • We use Skype worldwide so we are able to freely call landlines in 63 countries and regions and mobiles in 8 of them too.

  • The Best Ragcutter machines are powder coated with a very tough finish, the frames are solid aluminium.

  • Blades are made from high speed steel (HSS) – this is the same steel  used to make drills for drilling steel.

  • Our blades last a long time when kept sharp with the diamond Sharpener so we don’t sell lots of blades, they are made to last – our emphasis is on making a really good, robust and reliable machine that customers love, one that doesn’t let them down.

  • We value our machines reputation as well as our own, we want you, to have the best experience so you don’t mind paying a fair price, we trust you’ll tell your friends about it – while recommending it to others in the industry.

  • We get great feedback telling us they are indeed the best ragcutter machine available out there and we’re sure they are right.

Megatech Ragcutter
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