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All products are available for shipping worldwide - please complete the order form and we will be able to provide you an accurate quote for your products and shipping.  

All prices on this website are in Australian Dollars. 

Megatech Ragcutter Machine

AU$1755.00     Made to last forever.


We pride ourselves on getting the machine out to the customer the same day as we receive payment or the following day at worst, even delivered into USA in six days with a weekend in the middle of that.

They are not just the Best Ragcutter out there, we're actually  told by users they love our machines, yes, they've got to be good to be told that!


They save their hands from all the aches and pains, don’t frustrate them by breaking down and help them achieve their goals – 40 odd kilos an hour, day in, day out - all day;  while providing steady work for folk and easily earning their keep.

View more information here.

View instructional videos here.

Megatech Ragcutter

Replacement Blade



We always have stock of replacement blades for you, but please be aware we have may limit based on machines purchased.

2  blades should normally give you 4 years of blade life, a lot of customers like to have a backup blade for peace of mind along with spare Diamond Sharpeners as you must always keep the blades sharp.


If they are allowed to run blunt they will need machine grinding to restore the razor edge.

Replacement Blade

Diamond Sharpener



Our Diamond Sharpeners are usually effective for 6 to 8 months with regular use. After that time the grit can wear thin, so it pays to replace them to ensure your blade is kept razor sharp at all times.

A blunt blade takes a lot of work to return to razor sharp as High Speed Steel (HSS) is very tough.

Don’t let blades get blunt – it’s so quick and easy to keep them sharp.

Diamond Sharpener

Motor Cover



This cover was made within a few days, in response to a request from a new customer who wanted  to cover the motor cooling fins so jewellery and knuckles could not get caught on them.

We thought it was a reasonable addition as it does provide a nice smooth surface for material to slide over when cutting too.  

We've added a sharpening guide on front of the frame as well.

Motor Cover
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